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Airtel Unlimited Browsing Plan Check Current Unlimited Browsing Updates

Airtel Unlimited Browsing Plan Check Current Unlimited Browsing Updates : Are you aware that Airtel is among the ideal choices for those who are looking for the cheapest data plans?  Heard about Airtel unlimited browsing? Read through this article carefully for current updates.

Since Airtel as we know it today came in, they have been offering mouthwatering and cheap data services to their customers, with which they stay connected with the internet and grow their businesses.

It has also answered Celtel Nigeria, Vodacom, and VMobile. In 2010, an Indian company called Bharti Airtel fully acquired the telecommunication company in a $10.7 billion deal.

Airtel Nigeria is the second-largest telecommunication company in Nigeria, following MTN Nigeria.

Airtel is one of the largest and best mobile networks in Nigeria and it offers competitive data plans and bonuses compared to other networks like MTN and Etisalat.

The data can be used on smartphones such as Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, the data bundles can also be used to browse and download on PCs, Smart TVs, and Tablets.

The Airtel Nigeria we have today has undergone several transitions. It first came in 2001 as Econet and later changed to Zain Nigeria.

Airtel Unlimited Browsing

Airtel has discontinued its unlimited data plans, for now, we will keep you updated if this changes.

How to Subscribe Airtel Browsing Plan

Airtel has many data plans for its subscribers. There are daily or weekly plans, monthly plans, Mega Plans, Social Plans, Instagram Bundles, and 4G Plans.

Below you get all the codes for Airtel Data plans of your choice and how you can subscribe to any one of them.

Airtel Data 100 Naira Browsing Plan

Airtel offers 75MB of data valid for 24 hours for 100 Naira only, the code to subscribe is *141*100#

This plan is basically for doing important things online when you don’t have enough money to buy a big data plan or for testing the network to decide whether to buy a bigger data bundle or not.

Airtel 1000 Naira 1GB Browsing Plan

Airtel offers 1.5GB data for 1,000 Naira valid for 30 days, available 24/7, to subscribe dial *141*1000#

This data bundle is optimum for light data smartphone users, it is suitable for browsing, downloading small files, and average social media use, using it frequently will cause it to run out before 30 days.

Airtel Data 200 Naira Browsing Plan

Airtel’s 200MB plan costs 200 Naira and is valid for 3 days, the code is *141*200# For 300 Naira, you can get 350MB data valid for 7 days, to subscribe, dial *141*300#

These plans are effective when you need to use data for only a few days for basic browsing, it is not suitable for Android smartphones and iPhones as they consume a lot of data quickly, it is more suited to basic internet-enabled phones except you want to use the data for a short time.

More on Airtel Unlimited Browsing Plans

1. Unlimited 10: This costs 10,000 Naira and is valid for 30 days (1 month). The subscription code is *462*10#. Experience Unlimited Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy 1 applies after 40GB.

2. Unlimited 15: This data plan costs 15,000 Naira and is valid for 30 days (1 month). Dial *462*15# to subscribe. Experience Unlimited Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy 1 applies after 65GB.

Unlimited 20: This data plan costs 20,000 Naira and is valid for 30 days (1 month). The subscription code is *462*20#. Experience Unlimited Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy 1 applies after 100GB.

Airtel Data 500 Naira Browsing Plan

With 500 Naira, Airtel will give you 750MB data valid for 14 days, available 24/7, subscribe dial *141*500#

This plan is good enough for average data users who do not use data-intensive apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, it can last the whole 14 days if you don’t use it too frequently.

Other Airtel Data Plans

For 2,000 Naira, you can get 4.5GB data valid for 30 days, to subscribe dial *141*2000#.  The 6GB data plan costs 2,500 Naira and is valid for 30 days, available at all times. To subscribe, dial *141*2500#

To get 8GB data on Airtel, it will cost you 3,000 Naira and it is valid for 30 days, the subscription code is *141*3000#.

11GB data costs 4,000 Naira and is also valid for 30 days, dial *141*4000# to subscribe. To get 3GB data for 1,500 valid for 30 days, dial *141*1500#

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